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Painted Sound

Client Video Summary


Painted Sounds is a shop based in Melbourne selling underwater headphones and guitar straps. Its owner, Shane, approached SponsoredLinx wanting to test out Google Ads after trying his hand at Facebook Ad campaigns to grow his business. Wanting to push his products across all of Australia and New Zealand, and turn his side hustle into a full-time business, Shane wanted to explore other options. The results he got from Facebook weren’t as substantial as he had hoped and he thought that Google Ads might be a better means to find his ideal customers given the competitive market. Shane approached SponsoredLinx wanting to trial Google Ads to see if they would yield some fruitful results. To help Shane with his goals, SponsoredLinX pushed targeted traffic to his website, doubling the number of website visitors he gets in a month and thereby increasing his sales by 50%. Happy with the growth that we were able to provide his business, Shane was more than happy to stay on with us after this and has been our partner for over a year now as we continue to help him grow his business.


Increase sales of 

specific items to a targeted audience

Increase brand awareness 

outside of Melbourne

Scale business to 

full-time capacity




website visitors



online sales


Targeting optimisation