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Digital Marketing provides huge lift for CrossFit gym

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Digital Marketing provides huge lift for CrossFit gym



January 2016

Digital Marketing provides huge lift for CrossFit gym

A Melbourne based CrossFit gym which has doubled in size over the last two years has credited its success to digital marketing.

Located in Rowville in Melbourne, CrossFit South East has experienced rapid growth since it first began implementing a Google AdWords strategy in 2014.

The company was founded a year earlier by husband and wife team Ken and Addie Babington. Despite offering great service and competitive membership packages, the duo struggled to attract new clients in their first year of operation.

Understanding they needed to try something new, they decided to explore online marketing. With no experience in the field they approached digital marketing experts SponsoredLinX.

Working with SponsoredLinX they have been able to generate two to three calls from prospective customers every day.

Addie said digital marketing had transformed her business in ways she couldn’t imagine.

“When we first started our AdWords campaign we didn’t know anything about how the platform worked or what it could deliver in terms of sales.

“We started with a small budget of $5 a day and saw some promising results.

“Over time we became more confident and steadily increased our budget. This led to an exponential growth in sales well beyond our expectations.

“AdWords is our most important marketing tool and has taken our company to a new level,” she said.

As sales grew, CrossFit South East was faced with the welcomed challenge of needing new staff.

The company also recently purchased a new building which is four times larger than its previous premises.

Addie added that online marketing is well suited to CrossFit.

“CrossFit is still a relatively new fitness discipline which means that people will generally undertake some research online before joining a gym.

“AdWords allows us to quickly and efficiently target these prospective customers when they are performing searches on Google.

“Having this data at our finger tips has encouraged us to be more analytical and think differently about our business,” she said.

Drawing on insights gained from AdWords, CrossFit South East learned that offering discounted membership rates to attract customers in the New Year was unnecessary. In fact, their clients were generally happy to sign up for memberships at normal rates.

SponsoredLinX CEO Ben Bradshaw said other businesses in the fitness industry could learn from the approach South East CrossFit has taken to digital marketing.

“During the last two years, Ken and Addie have been patient and understood that it takes time to refine an AdWords campaign. At the same time, they have given us the freedom to try new things and determine what keywords work best for them.

“It’s great to see the campaign is working so well and is helping them to build success.”

Ken and Addie hope to continue growing their business in the future, while still retaining small class sizes and a strong client focus.

“We want to be a gym where our trainers know every one of our clients and understand their unique needs,” Addie concluded.


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