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What does SEO Include?

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Our SEO Inclusions

SEO Content – These days, you can’t throw any old thing on your website. Google are getting better and better at identifying sub-standard text content. We have our specialised (and exclusive) writing team write genuine, quality, SEO friendly content and upload it to your website in a transparent and Google friendly way.

Conversion Optimisation – We don’t just upload your content in a transparent and SEO friendly way, we also ensure that the manner in which it is uploaded to your website is optimised to convert any traffic it brings in. In short, this means we aren’t just interested in getting the traffic there in the first place, we focus strongly on ensuring that traffic ends up in the right place and turns into a real lead for you.

Link Building – As with content, it’s more important than ever that links pointing to your site be legitimate and grow naturally. We do not crowd source random or low quality links, engage link farms, or build sites purely for the purpose of links. We simply encourage genuinely relevant websites that you are also a genuinely relevant website and gradually build you a link network this way.

Social Media – Did you know that Social Media is fast becoming a very important aspect of SEO? For this reason, we have SEO staff who are also social media experts. We will set up a Google+ account, Google+ Business Page and Google+ Local listing for you as well as provide advice on how and why having a social media presence can help with your online credibility with regards to SEO.

Competitor Analysis – As part of our initial sales process, we take a look at your competitors in order to ascertain what some of them may be doing that you are not and what would be required in order to compete with them effectively.

Google Analytics Installation and Reporting – We include Google Analytics installation in most of our packages and use this amazing tool to gauge your campaign’s performance as it moves along, with important details reported to you as they come to light.

Google Webmaster Tools Installation and Reporting – We also include this in most packages. Whilst Analytics is a very useful tool, there are some very unique things that Webmaster Tools is able to tell us, such as where you might have broken links and a range of other possible website errors which Google feels are important enough to notify you of.

Fortnightly Reporting – We are all about transparency here at SponsoredLinX. Not only will you receive fortnightly automated ranking reports and regular fortnightly contact from your Dedicated SEO Specialist to go over these results and give advice, we will also give you full access to your Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts so that you can see everything we can see. You will also be given access to our world class “Client Panel”, from which you can see all rankings (refreshed on a daily basis), AdWords statistics if you are an AdWords client and also find, view and download all invoices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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