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Say Hello To Issue 4 for 2017!

Dear Optimise reader…

Welcome to our final Optimise of 2017!

Looking back, 2017 has been an incredible year of growth at SponsoredLinX.

With our client base continuing to expand and our staff numbers almost doubled – safe to say it’s been a year of change! We’ve built free Convertopages for every client, created a Facebook advertising team and launched our very own app LinX— which has changed the way we interact with our clients and how, in turn, they interact with their campaigns.

And it’s only October!   

Like you, we’re all looking forward to Christmas!

Speaking of which, this issue is all about Christmas, and how marketing campaigns function over the holiday period. As we enter the final three months of the year, there’s still so much you need to do!

We have a detailed breakdown of the holiday period and how you can adjust your campaigns to suit. How do you ensure your business keeps turning a profit despite most people slowing their spending down in preparation for the new year? We’ll also examine how to manage your festive season themed social media to ensure engagement, the tech trends to keep an eye out for next year, and a look back at the history of successful Christmas campaigns, and much much more! 

We’ve managed to jam pack this edition with tools that’ll help guide your marketing at this crucial time of the year. As always, the team at SponsoredLinX are only a call away should you have anything else that needs asking.

That’s it for me, I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a fantastic new year ahead!

Happy reading!

Ben Bradshaw

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