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Automotive Access

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110 Leads Per Week
300 Clicks Per Week
15,000 Users Reached Each Week
Industry: Car Dealership
Market: Australia

The team at Automotive Access combine many years of industry experience to assist in helping with your next car purchase.


Prior to hiring SponsoredLinX, Automotive Access was spending $10-$15 per Facebook lead. After growing tired of the previous marketing company they hired not taking accountability for dips in leads, they decided enough was enough and that their car loan and finance company could do better.

Our Strategies & Objectives

Objective 1

Increase the number of leads and inquires.

Objective 2

Reduce the Cost Per Lead from $15.

Objective 3

Reduce the over all Facebook spend from $10,000.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is one of the most effective and efficient social media platforms businesses can utilise to advertise online. With the ability to reach over 2 billion users, target to specific demographics such as age, gender, languages, and locations, Facebook is ideal for putting your brand in front of your ideal audience. The platform also allows a business page to choose between three different objectives when creating an ad (awareness, consideration and conversion) in addition to its range of formatting options.

Our Solutions

  1. We began by reviewing the past campaigns and targeting – from there we made significant improvements to the structure and narrowed down the targeting to a more select group to ensure only the right Facebook users where seeing the ads
  2. We worked together with Automotive Access to create a whole new range of Facebook Ads – from copy and images, to advice on follow up.
  3. SponsoredLinX has helped AA cut thier monthly Facebook spend from $10,000 to $4,000, including the amount it costs to hire SponsoredLinX – which they are pleased is competitively low and completely affordable.
  4. Automotive Access is now free to spend more time on closing leads and let SponsoredLinX work on the marketing methods

Our Results

Over 50 post reactions per week

Over 300 link clicks per week

An average cost per lead of only $9.50

At SponsoredLinX we let the numbers speak for themselves

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