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Looking for Comprehensive SEO Management in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney? SponsoredLinX Offers AdWords Support for Every Campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation (more commonly just SEO) is no simple task. It’s instead a series of tweaks and transformations, with content constantly evolving to include new engine innovations. Among those innovations is AdWords.

When considering SEO Management in Melbourne, Perth, and beyond, many site owners ignore AdWords. They assume that it has nothing to do with the optimisation process. SponsoredLinX, however, recognises the impact of this program and stresses the need for proper account support.

SponsoredLinX: About Us

In 2006 SponsoredLinX was founded in Australia, bringing SEO management to Perth, Sydney, and beyond. Our team – which encompasses marketers, analysts, and social media experts – brings a dynamic approach to content. Each member fuses our business philosophy (Traffic, Conversion, and Retention) with creative thinking, bringing compelling results to every client.

Our staff also understands the need for multifaceted SEO management in Sydney and Melbourne. This is why they now emphasise the effect of AdWords on marketing. Learn more by contacting us today!

What is AdWords?

Launched in 2000, AdWords (at a glance) seems an unlikely part of SEO management in Melbourne and beyond. The program serves as a way to create, publish, and edit advertisements. It uses Google’s signature analytics to establish keyword research, traffic personas, and other critical information – all which can then better define a marketer’s efforts in PPC.

Despite the paid-search leanings, however, AdWords does offer a few specific SEO advantages. These include:

Device Information

AdWords showcases which devices consumers most often use to access information (tablets, iPhones, Androids, etc.). This information proves crucial to SEO management in Perth and beyond, allowing site owners to better format their data. Gain mobile and desktop insights.


AdWords utilises a platform of keywords and analytics. By studying this information – specifically which terms generate the most traffic, interest, and sales page visits – site owners can then tailor their SEO content accordingly. It’s an instant glimpse into buyer personas.


SEO management in Sydney requires an understanding of click-through rates (CTRs). This showcases which content – links, email addresses, etc. – prove popular with consumers. AdWords automatically catalogues and organises this information and allows for greater targeting.

AdWords may represent PPC marketing. It’s still relevant, however, within the realm of SEO management in Melbourne and beyond.

Our AdWords Services

To ensure superior SEO management in Perth, Melbourne, and the rest of Australia, SponsoredLinX employs a variety of methods:

  • Account Creation
  • Account Monitoring
  • Ad Split Testing
  • Sales Tracking
  • Lead Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Remarketing Strategies
  • … and more.

Visit our Packages page to see a full list of our AdWords options.

Searching for Comprehensive SEO Management in Sydney, Perth, and Beyond? Contact SponsoredLinX.

SponsoredLinX is a premier provider of AdWords aid – which, in turn, makes us a premier provider of SEO strategies. To learn more about how these two combine contact us today:

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